When a male individual looks 25 degrees downwards and you know he is looking at a good booty
You: Looking at a girls fine booty
Friend: Looking at a 25?
You: Hell yeah 25
by Titol May 6, 2018
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An eggo waffle looking bitch is a term used by white middle schoolers who are cussing out their beautiful young substitute teacher. The origin of the word is unknown but most likely pulled out of this young lad's ass.
That substitute teacher man, she's an eggo waffle looking bitch.
by substituteteacher March 11, 2023
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“ that’s a look
by Lu28 April 14, 2018
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Seeing. As in using what your eyes where meant for. As in using eyeballs to see a particular object/person/place/thing.

Please give me cash I haven't eaten in 87 years and I'm not 87 yet
Human 1: "Look. A dying Human"
Human 2: *Uses eyeballs to see a particular object/person/place/thing* "Wow, a dying human"
Human 3 "H-help, I'm suffocating"*dies*
by Sussy God September 24, 2021
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