Texting someone next to you the words "made you look" then insulting them for looking.
(After the person next to me checks checks their phone)

I made you look, I can't believe you fell for that, loser.
by ironhouse December 14, 2012
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hey dude, have you seen the definition of made you look on urban dictionary?
by zomgpeekaboo November 06, 2010
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When your getting road dome on the way to the mall, to get ice cream, the movies ect.... and as you arrive to your destination, right before your going to blow your load, you tell the girl to look! and point out the passenger side window and as she turns her head... BOOM! spew in her hair and say MADE YOU LOOK!
drive a girl to get ice cream and pull it off without her noticing and make her get out the car without you and watch everyones reaction... MADE YOU LOOK! is going to be priceless
by muffdiver69milfhunter May 02, 2010
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