A girl who's all about that bass. She thinks that men should be treated as second-class citizens ; They should jump through hoops just to please her, but she can treat them poorly.
Boy 1: Oh my god, that girl is so hot!
Boy 2: Don't date her! I heard that she's such a Meghan Trainor.
by Justin Galaxy March 23, 2015
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An artists that is only relevant for her hit single All About That Bass. Lips Are Movin is flopping.And so is her career. Needless to say she won't be around for long and is a one hit wonder.
Omg Meghan Trainor?!?!
Yeah, the girl who sings All About That Bass!!!
by TrashGod December 22, 2014
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An amazingly talented Pop star who has been song writing for years but most recently she has been on her sold out "that bass tour" although most people know her for her songs "all about that bass" and "lips are moving" although she has more music, overall Meghan also known as Mtrain has a career that is going to go far
by princess of wafflology March 12, 2015
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A very pretty singer, known for her hit single "All About That Bass". She writes her own music and has legit talent. If people listened to her songs that showed her full maturity as a song writer, like "What If I", maybe they'd stop hating. Meghan Trainor is pretty awesome and saved pop music from the hell of Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Maroon 5, and many, many others. Her doo-wop revival got me excited about new music again. Also, I get it if you don't like Meghan's lyrics and I understand why you interpret them that way. It's a body-positive song in my opinion, yet that's just my opinion and it can be interpreted in other ways. But, if you don't like the lyrics, yet defend Nicki Minaj then congratulations, you are a moron!
Meghan Trainor is really pretty and awesome, I love her song "What If I".
by CleuudDisappear13 April 3, 2015
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a talentless singer that is only famous for her single All About That Bass, a song that is about having a butt and is degrading to skinny girls. Her voice doesn't match her appearance. She made another song called Lips Are Movin' when nobody gave her permission to do so.
Ed: Hey, do you like Meghan Trainor?
Me: NO! She's a talentless singer that is only famous for her single All About That Bass.
Ed: Wow, you're so right!
by Yolo Drake March 10, 2015
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The most annoying person ever. She thinks she's a bigger deal than she actually is. She degrades thin women and acts like every man on earth is a pig.
Oh look! Meghan Trainor has made another song that says you should love yourself...unless you're thin or a man.
by Dwight you ignorant slut July 2, 2016
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A talented 20 year old who got famous for her All About The Bass song. Her fans are called Megatrons
by Megatrons November 22, 2014
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