When a women in an authority position needs to be told what's what.
A young adult walks into his advisors office to talk about potential classes for the following quarter, Look Bitch, these are the classes I will be taking, they work, so that's that.
by TG-SpotTC January 9, 2010
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a Look that only the female race can do. It is a look as if they are disgusted at what you did, but are also sarcastically laughing at you like "eheh what a loser-ah"

the most annoying thing on this planet.
You're dating someone. You come home, and their daughter looks at you. She hates you. She gives you the bitch look because she's with her friends/BF and its the edgy thing to do.
by Dirty Mike & The Boyz64 March 11, 2013
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Another girl looks you up and down and sneers when she sees that you look hotter than she does.
That skank just gave you the "bitch look". Didn't I tell you that you're hot?
by Aikidokaratefan March 10, 2008
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the phrase used to talk about someone elses shoes. Usually said when you spot very old, very dirty, or simply uncool shoes.
"Look at these bitches." says Dametrius
"They look like fucking clown shoes." says Glascoff
by The King927 June 10, 2009
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A phrase angry high school kids use to describe a middle aged substitute teacher with a white goatee and mustache.
"Leave me alone you stupid colonel sanders looking fat ass bitch!"
by speastermiester May 15, 2009
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