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When a person diagnoses themselves based on websites like WebMD and Mayo Clinic.

Step 1: "Owww it hurts"

Step 2: Google where it hurts

Step 3: Examples come up on the search

Step 4: Compare the respective sites

Step 5: Come to conclusion
Jeff googled "irregular pain in the kidney area" to see what was up. WebMD told him that it could just be a muscle strain; this was Jeff's self diagnosis and he decided that was the problem and didn't go to the doctor. 8 months later Jeff found out he had terminal hip bone cancer and that he had only 2 years to live.

Elise had a slight pain in her neck after falling off her bed in the middle of the night and hitting herself. Being a chronic neurotic, she feared for the worst, googled it, just in case. She self diagnosed herself to have had throat cancer. She went to the doctor and found out it was a simple trapezius sprain.
by bpipic April 08, 2010
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