When a female verbally attacks a male out of nowhere for seemingly no reason.
"I was talking to my friends about football last night and all of the sudden I was broadsided by Ashley for no reason."
by MassSuffering September 13, 2011
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The act in which two men slide their penis' along each others shaft in a back and forth motion.

This is similar to the naval act in which two warships would sail beside each other in order to exchange fire.
"I heard that Jim was getting dirty with another guy!"

"Really? Sex?"

"No, they were just broadsiding a bit."
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Like the Naval manoeuvre, a broadside is a cockblock executed by a Wingman in which they approach a target in a social setting, unleashing an arsenal while passing thus rendering the target dead in the water.
Wingman sent in to broadside guy doing well at a bar:
‘Hey mate, it was good to hear you beat that rape charge’.

Wingman sent in to broadside a couple leaving a bar:
‘Hey mate, how did your ex go with the abortion?’

Wingman sent in to broadside a guy close to closing the deal at a bar:
‘Hey mate, how is the hepatitis C going?’
by Zoltan Technician November 11, 2018
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A challenging and often misunderstood sport. There are many different versions of the rules, but all are based on the British Broadsides Society's 1946 publication "Standards in the Modern Game", which was mostly derived from the then-current version of Eton Broadsides. The full competition rules can be obtained by written application to the International Federation of Broadsides Players (IFBP).
Me and Will have been playing a whacking-off game called 'Broadsides'.
by Rick O'Shay February 12, 2004
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v. The situation of sitting in quiet peace while excreting solid waste when another individual occupies the adjacent stall and proceeds to expel their feces loudly and violently leading to a suddenly unpleasant (and often smelly) situation.

From Broadside: a naval ship pulls to the side of another and relentlessly fires its cannons into the other ship.
I was taking my morning dump when I got double broadsided by two construction workers. I almost threw up it smelled so bad.
by ninjawesome November 24, 2013
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A game for 2 or more players, seated, attempt to hit each other with their cum. (The cum has to be launched from the penis directly, it can't be thrown).
"Boys, that's enough broadsides for one day- you'll make yourselves sore, and I've got friends coming round any minute"
by Prof. Van Halen January 13, 2004
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