Cool Russian toy cameras.
"Lomos are known for their great colors and can expand your creativity with a great range of options."
by ZimZum November 26, 2004
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Often used in place of lmao (laughing my air- I mean ass out). Stands for "Laughing off my outie-hole" .
Friend 1: Bruh Ninja died of ligma!
Friend 2: LOMO XD
Friend 1: Bruh shit ain't funny
by Alien Howard July 21, 2018
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A 'Debbie' who enjoys the finer things in life. The lomo often enjoys photography (Lomo is short for Lomography; a type of photography where one shoots from the hip without use of the view finder). A lomo may also be seen doing the following: riding bikes, smoking, drinking whiskey, drinking bitter or complaining about being a 'current'.
"Hoi, Lomo... pass me the phone."
"Man, that Debbie is such a Lomo"
by romulousprime April 8, 2008
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The lone homosexual in the family.


A lone homosexual.
I'm the only person in my family who is the gay, I'm a lomo.
by Thelonehomo69 March 16, 2018
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Mixing the word "lame" with the word "homo" (as in homosexual); used as a derogative adjective to describe someone you really don't like.
Guy A: The teacher gave us 3 pages of homework in Algebra.
Guy B: She is SUCH a lomo!
by Saige January 27, 2007
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lesbian homo, aka two girls who are really close friends and do weird gay shit together but aren’t really gay (or maybe they are), applies to guys too
Patrick stop touching christian's butt you lomo
by Class of 2013 May 7, 2016
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loser/homo=lomo how you describe ppl who are obviusly gay but wont come out of the closet.
"Everyone knows Gustave is gay, but he just doesn't have the balls to admit it. He's such a lomo."
by Natie88 August 25, 2005
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