Nice song by Three 6 Mafia that talks about hot loli's which makes you think that Three 6 Mafia members are paedophile's
lolipop song - loli loli loli loli let me see you pop that body
by Mike Wanvadder April 08, 2008
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this girl i know that always has a lolipop in her mouth...if u ask me its kinda hot i mean its almost like theres a penis in her mouth..
Loli is sucking on her lolipop nice and slow
by Quasi February 25, 2004
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A tasty treat that makes you giggle. Pick one up at your local shop!
Hey want a LOLipop?
No I'm too busy with my meth.
It's better than meth, it's LOLLERSK8!!!
Get the hell away from me.
Okay, but plz promise not to hurt me.
I will if you get the hell away!
Man you are so depressing.
And you're gay, not STFU and leave.
by Taeko Hentie April 07, 2006
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internet speech for laughing out loud in pain of pains. Used most often after discoviring what one did while drunk or high.
Person1: Dude, you asked out that ugly chick at the party last night. You're supposed to meet her for a bookclub tonight.
by Sven the destroyer October 13, 2005
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A vocal style used in music in which the singer (generally female) applies or has a very adolescent, cute, and innocent sounding tone. A type of compound word consisting of "Loli" which is a Japanese term signifying a young girl. And "pop" which references, but is not restricted to, pop music. Bands such as; 'Purity Ring', 'The Capsules', and 'Now, Now' are sometimes seen as using this style.
Could you bring it down a notch? The track sounds kind of lolipop.
by Kako the tiger September 24, 2013
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Another way to say lol, lawls, lolzie(LAUGH OUT LOUD). Except, with a new twist, it's candy associated and let's face it, everyone loves candy.
Patty: Totally just fell down the stairs!

Fatty:Ahahahah LOL-IPOP!
by Pingo-Goldie May 15, 2009
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