A word commonly used by dumbfucks in place of the word "logical".
Girl: Stalking usually comes before anal rape.
Boy: Well, if you want to be logistical about it...
by Philstan January 11, 2009
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Instead of saying I was a paperboy I said I was in media logistics for 5 years, so I got the job as C.E.O.
by raywuzhere@hotmail.com June 9, 2004
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To plan events and figure out how to get people together. Usually one person in a group of friends or a family is the main "logisticator". Literally- to figure out the logistics. The verb tense of "logistics". Involves lots of e-mails and phone calls.
"If I'm going to get this party together I've got to logisticate like mad for an hour or two."
by Katatak October 31, 2009
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The specific or technical details of how something occurs.

For example, the logistics of a vacation to Florida might include finding a ticket online, choosing a layover to save money, knowing what to pack, determining what to do with your car and who will meet you at the airport, the day to day packings of lunch, and so on.

Logistics is often used the refer specifically to supply chain and transportation, but this is not always the case.
We'll figure out the logistics later.

What are the logistics of your life these days?
Oh, I'm still looking for a job, but mostly play video games. I got up at 11 today and I need to buy milk.
by cinf December 26, 2020
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A conveniently general scapegoat.
Sorry we couldn't get it to you on time, it's simply a question of logistics.
by philip June 9, 2004
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something dumbasses don't pay attention to when they buy a vehicle that 'needs work' on ebay
Marshall should have worked out the logistics before he bought that fucking broken Cadillac.
by keeldragger December 1, 2009
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A logist is someone who uses logistics on everything, and in exchange for using logic, you are called every bad ist word there is, such as racist.
Mrs. Johnson, that man is a narcissist!”
“No, Jimmy, he’s a logist
by The Jedi Master of Nuts June 20, 2020
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