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someone who is vain and modest. someone how thinks they are the best at everything. someone who doesnt care about others feelings, just their own. someone who is very selfish and self-centered.
"hey Joe, get away from that mirror, your doing a Locky."
by Lolly. September 29, 2009
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When two people of the opposite sex, both equipped with braces during a make-out session, lock together.

and are stuck for unknown hours.
Mmmmmmmmmm clink. uh ohhh...locky.

we shouldn't have made out. Now we're lockies.
by Rastipher Crichel October 19, 2008
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Locky is a derogatory word that is the male form of a slut or prostitute. Derived from the opinion that a key that unlocks many locks is a master key and is shorthand for a locksmith. A Locky may have a lot of sex but they never have any long term relationships, like how a locksmith doesn't actually own the locks the open. They also cost a lot like a locksmith, with the prostitute version, real money, but with the slut form it's emotional currency from the girls (or guys)
J: All Billy wanted was to have sex with me, he didn't want a relationship*sobs*
K:Don't worry, he's a locky and will die alone because he can't handle relationships.
by Piewillfly July 16, 2016
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