A creature of myth, thought to have maybe existed in the far past. It is widely agreed that this creature has gone extinct, and is now nothing more than a legend.
Stupid bitch: Don't you have a will to live?
Reasonable person: My will to live? Don't be stupid, no such thing exist. Gimme death.
by Amphibian Requesting death November 30, 2020
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"My girlfriend who lives in Canada" is a lie invented by hundreds if not thousands of geeky high school boys who can't get any dates and don't want to appear pathetic. The geek will take pictures from magazines or the internet and pass them off as the "Canadian girlfriend". The "girlfriend can also be a spy, cowgirl, model, whatever.

This is also the name of an Avenue Q song about the same subject.
"I have a girlfriend who lives in Canada."
"You fucking liar."
by Ben Friesen February 18, 2005
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Usually a lie told by women who cannot find a boyfriend, Although sometimes true for some desperate people.

Usually they claim they met the man online, if so that also qualifies as desperate.
Guy: Still having trouble finding the right guy?
Girl: My boyfriend lives in Canada
Guy: Wow like I haven't heard that before, you're really sad.
Girl: I'm serious I met him online!
by Coonpuff September 1, 2015
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What a practicer of voodoo claims after leaving said creepy lifestyle behind and moving far away north near da Canadian border.
Maybe it is indeed true dat all my hexes live in Texas, but I still hafta use six-sided wrenches to adjust/install/remove ordinary bolts and nuts.
by QuacksO June 27, 2023
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