LML is the opposite of the internet meme FML

"Drugs, Guns, Women and Firetrucks-LML"
by Nasty1931 July 28, 2009
love my life used sarcastically when ur having a bad time r when something bad happened r ur sad
*crying after a breakup* ugh lml am i right
by yoit April 11, 2019
The word LML is a thot ass way of saying lol. LML means

"Laugh mad loud"

It could also be used as

"Love my life," which is an antonym of FML
LML as in "Laugh mad loud"
*tells a joke*
"omg, LML, your hilarious!"
LML as in "love my life"
*looks in mirror*
"I look so pretty today! LML"
by Mayflower93 April 6, 2016
it's a hand making a rock sign!!🤘🤘
by paulixx June 26, 2022
Stripper at Cheetah: “Damn them LML niggas really gettin money
by Ihatewhitepeoplesmh November 25, 2021
lml, I drunk-texted my mom last night.
by suckalegend December 1, 2019