Meaning "let me live." Used in messaging to a person who is holding you back from doing something fun.
Sally: Mom can i g2 the concert 2night with Mark?

Mom: No! What if someone drugs your drink and you get high with your boyfriend and go on a rampage and have sex with each other until you conceive deformed little babies!? i can't let that happen to you!

Sally: omg mom. LML
by gnawenilec November 30, 2010
sign language way of saying "I love you."
If you look at that "lmL", notice that using your right hand, have your middle and ring fingers down and you see the symbol for love.
dude: Hey, I'll be right back!
girl: alright =)
dude: lmL
girl: aww, I love you too!

by believe in God and love! March 19, 2009
An acronym for the popular sorority phrase: Love my Little.
by AEPHI LVRRRRR March 29, 2010
(Last Minute Load) When a webpage is loading for an extremely long time and you click the "exit" button just when it finishes loading...
No! This is the third LML today! I'm gonna go freaking crazy!
by The Nerd Network December 8, 2014
as opposed to saying FML, LML is for people who love their lives. negativity has had the spotlight for too long now. time for an uprising in positivity.
"today, i lost my job, lost my dog, and lost $20. later, my friend hooked me up with a job, i found a box of puppies, and won $40 from the lottery. LML"
by ewwcollin May 25, 2009
A very lovely ML guides the visitors through the cave.

We were treated to the warmest of welcomes from the two LML's running the camp site. We were offered a night's stay in a genuine Maori village, but we had arrived just a moment too late - damn!

She's a lovely maori lady.
by Mary_AK July 29, 2010
Acronym for Love my Life, possibly modeled after FML (Fuck my life)
There is also a website called, which is quite similar to, except people post about great thigns that happened to them
I live in a small apartment building and there is a really cute guy who lives across the hall. Yesterday we cross paths in the hall and he looked so depressed I thought he was going to go kill himself. When I get back I whip up one of my famous cheese cakes and knock on his door, he opens up and I give it to him and say "You looked like you could use some cheering up". He starts tearing up, tells me his Mom died today, and that cake was just what he needed and invited me in to share it!LML
by thenumbers May 5, 2009