An abbreviation of the phrase, Licking My Lips.
Usualy tossed at the end of a sentence regarding food.
Just got back from subway with my Chicken Bacon Ranch, "lml"
About to go down on this girl I met at the club, "lml"
Just ate a hamburger and a cheesburger. "lml"
by Dachiz April 22, 2011
"Lick my leg."

Used by people who like to confuse their friends.
A: He had this AWESOME fetish of LML-ing.

B: Dude, that's nasty.
by misscook March 3, 2011
Short for: Love My Life
Opposite of FML
My boyfriend bought me a new car for my birthday today, lml
by jenrjen March 20, 2011
A sarcastic hand signal in which the pinky finger and the pointer finger are sticking straight up while clenching the rest of your fingers in a fist-like position... In a more sarcastic situation the hand (while positioned in this 'lml' fashion) should be moved back and forth repeatedly as if it was shaking.
Yea, so I hit it *does lml hand motion*

Or if one was typing..

I like you lml
by dirk March 13, 2003
1)Lick My Licorish
2)Love My Loins
3)Lick My Lettuce
4)Lick My Lint
Hey man! Lick my licorish! (LML)
by trackerskagger June 13, 2011
Let Me Lube. This is a friendly yet demeaning acronym to say to your best friends. Similar to LMR, LMP, LMD
Hey Mary, LML!
Hey man, LML!
by xdaddy July 24, 2009