Stands for Leauge with Lumian/Lux, but in swedish as goes "Leauge med Lumian"
Oh god man i can't wait to play lml
by Sleepingxu February 25, 2019
Loyalty over money overcomes Losing, Loyalty over madness overcomes losing.
"You see them LML NIGGAZ they got Pirus and Damus Fuck CkriP"
by Jawzlml July 29, 2018
Laughing mad loud
It's much better than lol
Just has like a whole other meaning
Can't believe she wore that Lml
Who does she think she is lml
by Queen2005 March 10, 2017
John : I’ve been waiting hours for the bus!! LML
by 12345bamboozle December 3, 2019
Boyfriend: can we make back??
Girlfriend: I don't want to, my life in good now please just let me Lml okay

Boyfriend; okay I understand. Let leave you too live your life
by 1akim00 April 15, 2021
This is an ASCII emoticon representing the hand devil horns metalheads do during concerts.
- Man, that song was brutal
- Yeah!! lml
by fitohoyos July 25, 2017
if someone is acting dumb you can say lml

sabrina: what does bruh mean

noah: chile- lml
by luczz November 16, 2020