This is an expression similiar to FML... but more inspirational because LML represents "Love My Life." You use this abbreviation whenever you feel appreciated, thankful, and especially loved.
I was able to spend time with my friends while we all played volleyball last night. LML baby!
by Coolness714 April 30, 2009
Stands for Love my Life. Used commonly in happy facebook statuses. Invented to counter against all the haters who use FML (F*** my Life) on a daily basis.
"I just aced my midterm! LML :)"

"Is getting to the concert! LML"

you get the idea
by aggielove October 2, 2009
"Laughing Mad Loud" . . . A ghetto way to say "LOL" "ROFL" "LMAO" "LMFAO" Etc. .
Ghetto person : That girl mad fine . .

White person : Uhmm . . ?

Ghetto person : She be kickin'! LML!

White person : . . . LOL?
by iLoveCupcakes<3 August 8, 2010
LML = Let's Make Love

When you feel 'I Love My Life,' don't keep it to yourself.

Go ahead and share it with you lover.

Simply whisper "LML" and slip away and make love together.
"I knew it was time the leave the party when he looked over at me and his eyes said "LML !" "

"The fastest 3 letters in seduction are L-M-L !" (Let's Make Love)
by Love Linguist June 2, 2010
lml = rocker finger symbol on the net
lml= rock on
lml= that rocks hard
lml= badazz

preheat your oven to 350 degrees. bend you r middle and ring fingers down on either hand, fold your thumb over those two, and stick up your pointer and pinkie. turn off the oven.
eclipse>yo, shibbie chica, do you agree that green day is totally shibbie?

shibbie chica>totally man, they're so lml, they rock hard.


britney_lover>yo chica, im hotter than you, biotch.

shibbie chica>shove it bitch, you'll never be as lml as me.
by shibbie_chica April 3, 2005
Husband: Hey hun, how about making me a sammich?
Wife: LML.
by Valhalla69 January 9, 2013
he was so hot i was LML

that cookie looks so goood im LML
by 123LML January 25, 2011