Lazy Mexican Letter Substitution
-When A person, most likely mexican replaces letters in words for no apprent reason to sound and/or look cool.
Eric:I'll see u tonight then
Pedro: Iight my niqqa
Eric: Seriously its spelled with a g. Dont be lmls'in on me.
by Mthediggymayun February 3, 2011
This nigga really mad cuz I dont want fuck with him lml
by T-name March 3, 2018
lml = "Let me look."
Person A: hey, we have some issue on the server. do you know who can help us?
Person B: what's the issue?
Person A: the server seems to be down.
Person B: lml
by planspark November 9, 2007
How to say I love you in sign language through a text message. This symbol was created by Dj Tripple C
by Dj Tripple C October 13, 2010
lml (always without capital letters) represents the Rock & Roll hand sign (the first L being the pinkie, M being the ring and middle finger in a bent position, and the last L being the index finger).

It is common to add a comma ( , ) at the end to simulate the thumb. ----> lml,

John Says: Avenged Sevenfold's concert was fucking awesome!

Travis Says: Yeah dude! lml, !!!!!1!!!one!!
by zyd August 17, 2010
The Pop/Rock band, Lovers Make Liars.
Hey, did you know the new lml cd is coming out soon?
by jazzyjfresh March 29, 2009