Properly defined as tires, in slang is used to describe people of African decent. Just as derogatory if not more so than saying nigger.
Oye man fucking llantas cry about everything! Putos...
by crazySSchic April 10, 2007
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It's spanish for tires, pneumatics, wheels, but recently used as a racial slur for black people.
Watcha la llanta Homes!!!, that motherphuker is blacker than a tire ESE!!
by soldier__boy February 27, 2008
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in spanish means "tyre" but in Buenos Aires, Argentina is also used for people Shoes
- que buenas llantas wachin!
- what a llantas wachin!
by Garethfc May 14, 2007
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this sentence is used when a paisa pulls up in a car meet with his lowered Ram/Silverado
"aye foo, quema llanta cuh"
"i cant cuh, i need more low"
by ur mom xd man February 08, 2019
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"Cah'la-day-E'on'tah" is Spanish. meaning literally,"Face of a tire" , or a black person, a "maiete" a "negro" sometimes a hybrid phrase is used like "llanta-face",meaning tire-face. basically it's a durogatory word mostly used by mexicans to express their hatred and jealousy toward a minority.most likely rooted in freudian, phallus envy.
"Ay Casper, look at that cara-de-llanta over there ,talkin' to Flaco's ol' lady we should tell him that his ruca is boning a maiete."
"Reeeelee , she's fuckin' a nigger?","thas crazie ay" ,"flaco's a fool"
by i811st August 19, 2009
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Normally used in Argentina. It refers to when a shoe (shoes, tennis, etc ...) is good or attractive. "Altas" is to say that they're good and "llantas" is the same as shoes or tennis.
-OMG you have "Altas llantas"
-Thanks bro, you too
by Mrhakunamatata November 19, 2018
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