A weirdo event attended usually by douchebags; said douchebags “meet up” in some parking lot with their cars and pretend like they know more about cars than they actually do by talking in some pseudo-extensive details about theirs. They’re the type of douchebags who tell you that owning a Benz or Porsche is awesome, but fail to acknowledge that both brands are more of a status symbol than anything else considering that they are wallet rapers when it comes to maintenance and repairs.
Yo bro! Goin to the car meet at the Costco in Westridge tonight?
by psst hey you September 6, 2022
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when people who drive cars come together (usually in large groups) to mess about on the roads/car parks.

drivers usually have a car-full of friends and piss about in a carparks.
“yo, shall we go to the car meet later at morrisons carpark?”
by bailey12345 April 8, 2020
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This is a kind of event where petrolheads come together to share stories about their cars.
I'm going down to the car meet to make new friends.
by Valentino Tallador April 24, 2018
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Made up and used as a result of a world wide pandemic. When two or more friends are unable to meet in person, they park their cars near each other while talking on the phone and looking at each other through their car windshields.
Usage in a sentence: Do you want to get some burgers and car meet around 7:30 pm at that place we went to that one time after that thing we were supposed to do?!

You can also use the phrase: Want to car meet n’ chill tonight?!
by Shizznit November 14, 2020
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