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a man in a banana suit, with banana powers to bananaize his victims, thus causing them to be trapped in a banana suit and given the powers to bananaize others.

see banana dog or banana car
the banana man almost bananaized me back in the supermarket but i got away.
by xgunsxxgoxxbang October 10, 2005
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The BEST FUCKING SUPER HERO EVER.No arguments....he just fucking is.
"When Eric eats a banana he becomes....THE BEST SUPER HERO EVER"
by steve June 29, 2004
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Nickname of Ray Comfort, creator of the movie "Evolution Vs. God".

Bananaman became Ray Comfort's nickname after posting a film suggesting that the shape of a banana is proof of god.
Bananaman is a moron.
by Makesmelaugh August 20, 2013
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One who attempts to cross a streat with his eyes open while wearing a yellow suit and calling himself banana man
Meatwad:Couldn't I just cross the street with one eye open?

Master Shake: You could if you want to cheat, do you think cheating will get you anywhere? You might as well just wear a yellow suit and call yourself banana man, 'cause that is what you're doing,so c'mon lets see it banana man.
by bagon and crackhead October 17, 2004
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A male of 'Far Eastern' heritage and family history (i.e Chinese) born and brought up in 'The West' (i.e UK).
Giving an appearance of 'Yellow' on the outside whilst being 'White' on the inside.
A Banana Man is a person appearing more Chinese than a China man in China eating a Chinese meal from his Chinese families best China, but talking with a Birmingham accent and with a name like Ken!
by NorvernMonkey August 03, 2008
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