Livie is a very sweet girl. She is very beautiful and intelligent. She gets every single guy in sight. Livie's often friends with an Emily or Sophia. Livie is a hot sexy girl that deserves a hot guy. She cares about her family and friends a lot and if your rude to her friends you better expect a Livie tornado.
Jacob: dang she is hot and she is so sweet.
Nick: She must be a Livie
by livie.isdagirl September 14, 2017
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Short for Olivia

Livie is a beautiful creature with a great sense of humor. She's an only child and is often lonly. She gets all the guys. She cares more about her friends than herself. She often hurts inside. She is really friendly and athletic. If you hurt her friends she'll hurt you
Person1 I want to be friends with Livie

Person2 dude. Just talk to her
by LivieE121205 September 13, 2017
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Livie is a smart, beautiful, funny and sarcastic girl. She doesnt like being around 95% of humans. She may be tiny but dont let her size full you. Shes fiesty. if you throw shit her way, she'll throw it right back, but harder and faster.
Girl: "Hey have you seen or met a Livie ever before?"
Guy: "No, I heard they are really rare."
Girl: "I have! She punched a dude for taking her twinkie!"
by Turtleluver19 November 30, 2018
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Livie is this really cool girl that I know. She's calm, when it's necessary, and I never see her during school, but when I do, and when I say "hi" I get no response. And I also never say "Hi" to her during lunch, because I am the shy type.
Lorence: Hey, Livie.
Livie: Hey, Victoria, so what do you want to do later?
by Shy. April 15, 2005
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A girl who has fire and ice in her blood she will fight you if she feels the need she loves a good time some may refer to her as the angel with a shotgun
by Katyttttttiiiie March 18, 2016
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Livi is a girl with brown curly hair and light hazel eyes. She is very short and the craziest of the group but she doesn’t take risks. She is very smart but a little “dumb” sometimes. She doesn’t like to be around a lot of people and holds on to her friends. She prefers quality over quantity. She doesn’t take shit and will throw it back at you. She can be a badass when she wants to and a book worm the next. Livi is an all around great person!!
Everyone should have a Livi
by Hjtxm October 26, 2019
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Livi is a wonderful woman who will tell you things if she really trusts you so don't expect her to spill. If she is manipulated she will come after you. She's smart, funny , not very popular but has a good amount of friends.
Chloe: wow she's very funny

Nessa: She's not funny she's Livi
by Alivia Ward April 29, 2018
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