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A girl who has fire and ice in her blood she will fight you if she feels the need she loves a good time some may refer to her as the angel with a shotgun
by Katyttttttiiiie July 20, 2016
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Livi, often short for Olivia.

A Livi is the most incredible creature you could imagine. She is somewhat of a sex godess aswell, with a body one would think you could only find in your dreams. Her personality is devine - she is someone who is a pleasure to be around. You wish you were a Livi.
Boy 1: Yeah Boii, that Livi sure is fine - I would
Boy 2: Run and tell that home boy!
by TigerWilly;P January 08, 2011
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livi-short for olivia

Livi is the hottest person in this world, she's funny, adorable, and even when she's hit with the worst she can laugh. From the moment you meet her you'll want to be her friend, soon you fall in love with her and you love her so much you can't explain. You guys are so close friends you can't mess it up with her by asking her out, because you know she only see's you as a friend, and always will.
"Man i wish i had her"
"fuck. I love livi."
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by bitch.dick January 26, 2017
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Short for Livingston. A town in Scotland of 90,000 people most noted for a skate park, shopping complex and football team.
I've lived in Livingston for the last 14 years...there's got to be worse places right?
by brendan August 07, 2004
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