A girl who has fire and ice in her blood she will fight you if she feels the need she loves a good time some may refer to her as the angel with a shotgun
by Katyttttttiiiie March 18, 2016
Livi is a girl with brown curly hair and light hazel eyes. She is very short and the craziest of the group but she doesn’t take risks. She is very smart but a little “dumb” sometimes. She doesn’t like to be around a lot of people and holds on to her friends. She prefers quality over quantity. She doesn’t take shit and will throw it back at you. She can be a badass when she wants to and a book worm the next. Livi is an all around great person!!
Everyone should have a Livi
by Hjtxm October 27, 2019
Livi is a wonderful woman who will tell you things if she really trusts you so don't expect her to spill. If she is manipulated she will come after you. She's smart, funny , not very popular but has a good amount of friends.
Chloe: wow she's very funny

Nessa: She's not funny she's Livi
by Alivia Ward April 29, 2018
Livi is a very cool person that loves dogs and cats 🐈 🐕 😎 😎
The coolest person is Livi
by HazzoIsStrong February 2, 2019
Livi, often short for Olivia.

A Livi is the most incredible creature you could imagine. She is somewhat of a sex godess aswell, with a body one would think you could only find in your dreams. Her personality is devine - she is someone who is a pleasure to be around. You wish you were a Livi.
Boy 1: Yeah Boii, that Livi sure is fine - I would
Boy 2: Run and tell that home boy!
by TigerWilly;P January 8, 2011
Are you friends with Livi?”
Yea! she’s my favorite!”
by AJAX<3 May 1, 2021
A nickname often after Olivia.

She has a very strong personality but a good one none the less. She is so beautiful but has no idea. She is often a bisexual or lesbian and every girl wants her. She has a way of making me fall in love with her and angry because I love her so much.
I once knew a Livi, she changed my life but she never knew that.
by TTV Proove October 25, 2019