Lorence N. - a guy who is extremely funny and irresistable to all women. Who has a Huge Penis. You either want to be him or want to be on top of him.

Lorence V.- it is fist pumping motion, usual done at big gathering with booming music.

Fact: 53% of all party that are shutdown are because of the Lorence
Wow "OMG" its Lorence.

I want a guy like Lorence.

Lorence is the father of my eight kids
by Robert Pettit July 28, 2011
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The face you make when you feel things you should not
P1: I feel my bones. (Person with lorence)
P2: What the fuck is wrong with your face!?
P1: I feel my bones.
by DDistrict February 8, 2022
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A bizarre bird with long feathers atop his head, band tees (rarely washed), and a pet bobcat. He can be found regularly on the social media site "youtube" creating anti-religious videos and the occasional "love is a pie chart" vid. Overall chill, just bring ear plugs for the pirate metal.
What is this, Pirate metal? Gosh you look like a bird, you must be a Lorence.
by freaKENcraZIE July 29, 2011
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she is very awkward but once you know her she’s is the funniest and baddest bitch in this world, look for a girl with something in her name and you are going to thank me later

by Abcdloren May 31, 2020
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Most handsome guy you’ll ever meet. Try to keep it close to you because he’ll help you in everything. Most of the guys with this name are very good at sports and almost at anything they do. Also they also have gorgeous eyes. They’re funny and very friendly and they never betray you because loyalty is one of their strongest points. Lorenc is the ideal name for a leader because they are always focused at winning.


Find a Lorenc and keep him near you you’ll love him
by Anjeza2000 May 6, 2018
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A bully who is jealous of the person they’re bullying
Lorenc is a bully
by Hendbfmsnbxbd April 4, 2018
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