a beautiful person that is in love with a hot man/women that no one can objectify
by ColeSprouseLover25 November 25, 2020
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a specific form of loneliness of a romantic type, characterized by being much worse than regular loneliness
Lauren Schiely, overwhelmed by lonliness, cried heavily.
by Charles Barkley (the second) November 21, 2008
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being completly alone, weather by choice or fate
a feeling of complete dispair will smother the unfortunate beholder
i pity the person who experiences lonliness yet we all do at some point or another
When he was gone the feeling of lonliness enclosed her, smothering her, pure hell.
by annabellafate April 30, 2008
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When you’re super drunk and super high so you could just eat a gerbil Rn and hit a call of duty trick shot on a 10 year old orphan
Do I’m so lonly Rn I just wanna play black ops 2
by Don’t look at my name December 12, 2020
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