Meaning that person is going to give you problems, argue with you or be bothered by the action you did/will do.
Dad's gonna throw shit at me later for smoking weed.
by jkami21 January 30, 2015
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National past time of young angry men in the middle of nowhere. Involves throwing one article of shit at another article of shit which generally remains a stationary target.
Hey bro, finish that brewsky and put it down so we can throw rocks and sticks at it until it breaks. Then let's throw shit at that sign over there. Fuck, you throw like a girl.

Hey man, croquet is for fags, let's play a good ole' game of throwing shit at shit
by shit-thrower September 4, 2010
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a situation that is just a mess with no upside.
"we are down a few employees at the restaurant tonight, it's gonna be a shit throw"
by easterbunny December 4, 2007
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Meaning when someone who said something so lame u can’t do nothing but tell them that you’re throwing dog poop at their head
BOOOOO I’m throwing dog shit at u bitches heads for real💩💩💩💩
by Nayonit January 16, 2022
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a non-gross sounding term to define masturbation/"jerking off"/"busting a nut"/idek what else but all of these terms sound gross, with just the syntax
"She had the place to herself all day and was just trying to throw some shit down when her roommate unexpectedly knocked loudly on the door."

"My ex always tried to tell me how often I should throw some shit down...that's why I broke up with them."
by darfefe24 March 15, 2021
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