Meaning that person is going to give you problems, argue with you or be bothered by the action you did/will do.
Dad's gonna throw shit at me later for smoking weed.
by jkami21 January 30, 2015
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National past time of young angry men in the middle of nowhere. Involves throwing one article of shit at another article of shit which generally remains a stationary target.
Hey bro, finish that brewsky and put it down so we can throw rocks and sticks at it until it breaks. Then let's throw shit at that sign over there. Fuck, you throw like a girl.

Hey man, croquet is for fags, let's play a good ole' game of throwing shit at shit
by shit-thrower September 4, 2010
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venezuelan way of defining someone that says the biggest lie ever to a group of people and they believe it. (If you throw a piece of shit in the fan while is on, everyone will catch a little bit of your shit)
*group of 5 engaging in a conversation*

“-Yeah i’m quite smart for math my mom told me I learned how to solve algebra equations at 4 years old”

“+come on bro you’re throwing shit in the fan rn”

venezuelan example:

“mano la profe me dio su numero ayer vino a mi casa y todo
“-ya le echaste mierda al ventilador wn”
by venezuelandaddy April 14, 2023
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a situation that is just a mess with no upside.
"we are down a few employees at the restaurant tonight, it's gonna be a shit throw"
by easterbunny December 4, 2007
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To act as if you were drunk but realisticaly faking it.
She cant be drunk she had one shot she is for sure shit throwing
by Peyton Schloss August 8, 2017
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