Smartest, sexiest human being alive. She’s the “playa” of all groups and doesn’t take no for an answer. She’s the real deal.
She’s a Zabell
by what-is-a.Zabell June 1, 2020
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the namesake of an Armenian royalty, Zabel is generally a name given to those of extreme beauty or creativity, and often both. people of this name are known to grow up to be smart, successful and attractive persons, with many good experiences.
usually born between the months of February and July, are good at many things, have some confidence issues, are very modest, and generally very good, nice people.
if you produce someone who is like a Zabel, you have most certainly done a really good job.
"Zabel, your so beautiful"
by Alfred Pud March 15, 2010
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Zabelle, a name which is typically Armenian. Containing the word 'belle' meaning the French word for 'beautiful'.
Zabelle is amazing and beautiful.
Zabelle is the most beautiful girl in the world.
Zabelle is awesome.
I love you, Zabelle.
by PeppermintPeter February 21, 2011
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the way my boyfriend figured out how to finger my clit by rubbing faster and harder not circular motion
instead of the plain old fingering my boyfriend used the zabel theory and I screamed
by halia March 31, 2008
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