A body type that is slim. Not skinny. Also can mean flexible. Mainly used for women but can apply to men as well.
Person #1: Hey, did you see Jessica's body in Gym?
Person #2: I know! Very Lithe...
by Yokoshii August 22, 2011
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Very flexible, like some of those ballerinas.
I don't know why but I really like lithe ladies.
by Adel7 November 29, 2007
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A black, nude, feline companion from a white void, can be either male, female, or even both. Most commonly seen in the freeware hentai flash game “My Very Own Lith”.
You stare at Lith.
by Hypershadicguy64 (Official) November 14, 2019
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If someone is of the Lithuanian decent, you would call them a Lith. Usually used in a racial form.
"yo lith make me a hot sandwich you tall bastard.
by Andrizzy January 3, 2012
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A black cat fursona, essentially the cutest kitty anyone can lay his eyes on. With those blue eyes, that shy demeanor, and that jaw-dropping feminine form, there is no way to avoid giving him a gentle stroke along his back, or a really good and harsh buttfucking. It all depends on how you decide to use him - he'll take it in any way he can.
"Nice to meet you! I'm Lith. Yeah..."
by noreturnfrom86 May 3, 2018
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"My pdoc wants to try me on lith next."
by lp June 25, 2004
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a tall slouch necked being, runs in the form of a true druid man of the wilderness. Also known to live in the home of loud blathering lithuanians. Not known to leave their domestic area often.
by Clayton T October 19, 2007
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