Originally US Army slang from the Vietnam War meaning attacked or to be attacked but is now used more widely. The expression referred, initially, to night-time artillery attacks where illuminating rounds would be used to expose the target before it was destroyed with High Explosive, Fragmentation or White Phosphorous (Willie Pete) rounds. The use of the expression broadened until it was used to describe any intense attack whether on enemy positions or personnel or your own with an air strike artillery or small arms fire.
“Charlie lit up Kilo company’s compound last night. Man it was crazy, mortar rounds everywhere, but nobody got greased an’ only a couple of minor wounds. No evacs, just a purple heart an’ a pat on the head.”
by AKACroatalin November 4, 2016
US Army slang meaning attacked. Initially referring to artillery attacks at night when illuminating rounds were fired to expose the target before destroying it with HE (High Explosive), Fragmentation or WP (White Phosphorous). Eventually the phrase was used to describe any intense attack on enemy positions or personnel whether it was with artillery, air strike or small arms.
We caught one of Charlie's supply columns out in the open and called in an artillery strike!
What happened?
Man you should have seen it, they got lit up real good!
Number One!
by Croatalin November 22, 2013
To get excited, to celebrate something , get turned up , to drink lots of alcohol , or blaze up ; celebratory song by music duo WHOAA.
Lets get Lit Up !

Man I am about to get Lit Up this weekend !

I got too Lit Up today!

Have you heard the song Lit Up by WHOAA ??
by Whoaawaver August 13, 2020
To receive a ridiculous amount of text messages in a short period of time
John: "Dude why does your phone keep going off?"

Jim: "I'm getting lit up!"
by Twonnyyyy October 20, 2009
To be buzzed or completely drunk.
Man, I just took two shots of tequila. I am lit up!
by Miss Jamie July 15, 2005