She is one of the most kind, beautiful, funniest, and intelligent girl you will ever find. She is always a caring person and would always make your day better every minute she talks with you. Lissette is someone who you could fall in love with in a matter of seconds and you wouldn't regret it. She's someone who is just way to loveable.
"Is it that lissette or is it the most perfect girl in the world?"
by NoBoDy011 October 10, 2020
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A sexy, dazzling queen who likes to be treated like a princess and has a great heart. They typically like to walk in the rain with their king and enjoy being kissed on the forehead. A very rare find being such a beautiful person inside and out yet still extremely humble and down to earth. For every nice molecule in their body they have a bad ass molecule. their bad ass molecule is typically noticed when they want to protect or fight for what they love. (or also whenever something fun is going on) They are known to make everyone laugh and smile: a Lissette will usually tell you STRAIGHT up exactly how it is! Their most compatible mate is a person that is hyper and adventurous just like they are. Lissette's dont get along with haters but they love them for making her even more famous and more of a queen than they already are: They foreshadow themselves being great spouses and mothers. One viewing of such a person may take your breath away and put you under their love spell. They are beautiful and gorgeous each and every way and know exactly what they want to do in life. They are good at handling all kinds of situations but better at giving friendly and loving advice. In order to love this person you must fit their profile by being a great "man-boy". This person has a heart of gold so she therefore must be taken care of VERY well! A Lissette deserves HONESTY.
All they need to survive is peace and love<3
A Lissette is a guardian angel or that star you see twinkle at night when your with the one you love.

by RyanTaylor7 March 28, 2009
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Lissett, beautiful, stunning, awesome, extraordinary, pleasing, satisfying, natural beauty, ravishing, good-looking, dimepiece, perfect 10,
by sillybones22 February 02, 2010
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Lissett is a hot,pretty,beautiful, and georgous girl she has a big butt and a nice body she has a lot of friends and she loves them all she's always there for them perfect 10
Dammm Lissett has a big but and a nice body
by lissett castillo💕 September 12, 2015
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