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A lovely fucker.
Sensitive but perverted.
Sexy and still smart.
Hes all what women need in bed, and out of it.
Some of them might be stalkers, pedos or rapers, but it is all because the society these days.
Woman 1. Oh my gosh look at him hes so handsome!
Woman 2. Yeah he looks so.... Lior!
Woman 1. Hell yeah!
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Really wonderful girl who is unique and special in every way
Guy1: Hey who's that girl over there?
Guy2: Oh that's Lior.
Guy1: damn!!! She's fine!
by tacotacoguy August 15, 2013
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Rich motha fucker from L Town. Who the fuck owns a Bentley at 16? This kid has everything.
Dave: Fuck man, I wish I could go pay my bills.
Steve: Man, go ask that Lior kid..
by Jake194405 May 25, 2009
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Man with large cock, magic fingers, and knows how to use his tongue. Women usually can't resist him in bed.
That Lior gave me the best orgy ever
by Unknowng November 30, 2008
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a girl who can be sensitive at times, but will be the best friend you will ever have. yeah shes silly, and cant be serious at times, but she is loyal and trustworthy. shell never break a promise or spread rumors. she always apologizes when she does something wrong . people most of the time dont treat her nicely, and yell at her, but know that even though she doesnt say anything, it hurts her.

if she is your girlfriend, just know she is the best one you can get. as said above, shes trust worthy. she will never cheat on you. and to be honest, everyday she will be scared you dont want her anymore. sometimes she thinks she isnt good enough, and you know something is wrong when shes quiet.

sometimes she just needs a long hug, and reminder that u guys will always be friends.
but remember, lior is the best person you will ever meet.
boy 1: hey i heard you got a new girlfriend
boy 2: yeah her names lior
boy 1: oh yeah, i heard shes an amazing person. dont lose her.
by heavydiirtysoul May 02, 2018
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