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A extremely independent , ambitious, driven woman who is fierce, backs up her shit, and takes care of her own, friends, and family.
"woah bro, behave. She's a lioness, she will rip you apart."

" I need no man to take care of me, I am a lioness, I conquer, vanquish what needs to be, and I take home the bounty."

person 1: "you can't do that, it's dangerous, especially for a girl"
Lioness: "Well, that's nice and you can kiss my ass too. Cuz, I am gonna conquer that shit like a beast."


if a strange random male/ female makes a sexual approach or physical attack...she is ready to put her all into smiting...every wound, broken part, that sound of glory... another step towards this person never bothering her again.

"that mother hen will tear you apart like a Lioness, if you fuck with her friends"
by kldlk January 01, 2014
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a 30 something woman who takes care of younger women and helps them realize their potential by being a mentor and source of inspiration.

a woman who is exceptional at everything she does. pertains to taking care of her children or man, and being successful in her business ventures.
all the new lionesses need to get together and go to the club. show them other bad bitches how we roll.
by Stephanie Wegner December 11, 2011
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A woman older than 60 who stalks men much younger than herself in order to quell a post-menopausal sexual arousal. A lioness is older than the puma, cougar, and jaguar.
"Be careful bra, your cougar looks more like a lioness!"
by mullaney October 26, 2006
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when a female gets on top of her man on all fours like a lion and aggressively kisses him. using teeth and tongue, this looks like a lioness attacking her prey.
Daniel: Dude i walked in on Grace going all Lioness on Cameron the other day.
by The_Lioness December 08, 2013
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A woman who is dating a younger woman in a lesbian relationship
Susan is 28 and she is dating 20 year old Alice, she is the lioness while Alice is the cub.
by dante december March 28, 2009
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A Female Lion.

Females lions do the hunting and get food for the whole pride. They hunt in packs ambushing their prey...But the dominant male gets to eat what they catch first.

They are smaller then the males and do no have a mane.
A pride can consist of one male and sometimes 30 females!
I do not have an example to go with the word lioness.
by Victoria R May 29, 2006
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