Diego Maradona is an argentinian soccer god who was number 10 He is the first one ever 2 have 2 transfer fees.Diego Maradona Led Argentina to winning the world cup.Many people fight over if Pele is better or Maradona is better(Like for Maradona and Dislike for pele)Diego Maradona was a legend and lots of people enjoyed him playing but sadly his career got cut short from Drug Abuse.Maradona was born Oct 30 1960 in Buneos Aires Argentina.Many People are saying that Lionel Messi is the new Maradona.Not Because they were both Argentinain and number 10.Lionel Messi Is as good as Maradona.Messi is a Little bit better.Maradona won 0 Ballan'dors and Messi have won 5.Maradona says that he would have won more that Messi.Maradona got in many fights in his career.Maradona was a true legend,icon and inspiration to many soccer players today.
My Favorite Soccer Player is Diego Maradona.

Diego Maradona is a icon to soccer
by Georgesaladbar February 1, 2018
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