Pionel Pandres Pessi is a ancient finished ghost of the finished club FC Barcelona . He is notorious for ghosting for PissG in one of the biggest farms on the planet. You will never see him defending in his own half as he is a goal hanging tap-in merchant. Without Xavi and Ronaldinho Pessi cannot reach his full tap-in powers.
Other characteristics include: robbing ballon d’ors and missing pens.
Friend 1: man my girlfriend has been ghosting me lately

Friend 2: damn! your girlfriend is Pessi?
by Libelllula January 1, 2022
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Pessi is internationally known to rig ballon dors be worse than Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest of all time and the only goals Pessi can score is penalty’s after getting carried by the rest of the team
Guy: Pessi is shit.
Other Guy: Yes Ronaldo is better siiuuuuu
by Pessi shit November 30, 2021
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Pessi is a little man from Argentina who statpads against smaller teams by scoring pens.
Did you see that pessi penalty he is so bad
by Penaldo lover November 24, 2021
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Pessi is the name synonymous for a certain dwarf, beard swelling, biggest piece of Argentina trailer park trash. He is also the biggest fraud in international football known for ghosting in big matches and statpadding against mickey mouse teams. Thats why he is also known as Eibarman. Recently La Liga lost the biggest statpadding piece of monkey crap to another team in the farmers league pissgi.
Hey girl be my Eibar and I will be your Pessi to statpad you.
by Jerry Shelby February 14, 2022
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Bolivianel Statpandres Pessi Coochietapini is an Urban Legend from Rosario, Argentina. Who Plays for Piss Shit Germain and Likes to Win Mickey Mouse Cups Like the Copa America. He is Known for Stat Padding against Weaker teams like RC Lens,St.Etienne or RC Strasbourg or Bolivia and Eibar and then Disappears during the UCL or against Stronger teams. and usually scores tap-ins and unskillful goals . He Has Stolen Seven Ballon'dors from Great Players like Robert Lewandowski, Cristiano Ronaldo. He has lost the Ball more than 130 Times in 8 Games In the Ligue 1 Farm and Has Gotten Humiliated By 69 OVR Farmers League Players Who Probably Work as Cow Milkers in the Off season.

Notable Works:
Bottling in the UEFA Champions League Round-Of-16.

- Stealing 2 Ballon'dors From His Idol Cristiano Ronaldo.
- Leaving Brokelona For Piss Shit Germain So That he Can Statpad Against 19 Other Eibars (Except Lille)
- Missing Penalties
Oh look dad, Pessi Got Smoked By that Coal Miner from Angers!
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Pessi is nickname for Lionel Messi, because he scores penalties, or misses them on finals with his team Argentina
-Hey dad, did Argentina win the Copa America?
- No son, Pessi bottled it with missed penalty
by Pessi the botler February 17, 2021
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An Argentinian dwarf who robs actual worthy footballers of deserved ballon d’ors which he himself does not deserve. The midget spent his whole career in The Spanish farmers league to join the French farmers league scoring 1 goal (tap in) all season
Pessi ghosts again
by PessiGhostsAgain January 12, 2022
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