A Linsey is a kind, selfless girl who anyone would be lucky to know. A Linsey makes an amazing friend and is always there when you need someone to talk to. Anywhere she goes always ensures plenty of laughs and happiness, and her brown eyes are almost as big as her heart. She despises drama and never causes it, and one of her main goals in life is to just keep the ones she loves happy. She does have bit of a dirty mind, but is an extremely fun person to hang around with especially when it comes to trying new things. She is a beautiful girl both appearance and personality-wise, even though she can't see it. She asks for little but overall deserves so much more, and makes one of the best girlfriends any guy could want.
"I love Linsey, she never fails to make me laugh."

"Linsey has been one of my closest friends since I met her in middle school."
Linsey is fun but firm
by depoeargree February 5, 2020
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1) The correct spelling of the name.

2) Quite possibly the coolest name and person ever.
Person: Wow, that girl is really cool.

Other Person: Yeah, her name is Linsey, so of course she is.
by Linsey Hord May 21, 2008
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A stereotypical name for Ashkenazi, fair-skinned, Jewish women who tends to live in warm-weather states.

Linseys are yolo believers. In fact, they even say "yolo" quite often right before they are about to do something risky. And Linseys are BIG risk takers so they say it a lot. A Linsey is a shy, private and guarded person, so much so that she can seem unapproachable to a suitor at a nightclub; however, you give a Linsey an Aperol Spritz or two, and you could be making out at the bar by night's end. This is one of the few times a Linsey will make the first move.

Linseys are loyal af, but if you do them wrong, you eventually become a Felicia. Linseys also like to be pampered and are oft seen with bougie dogs that draw attention for their cuteness. Other characteristics include (but are not limited to):

Free-spirit daters--no rules.
Owning lots of white things. Pants, couches, dogs, carpets, countertops, etc.

They are very social beings; you cannot quarantine a Linsey, no matter the pandemic.
A linsey likes a bargain. Most have a Costco membership.
Styling is classy casual with a heavy concentration of white denim, chambray and black.
You will never see a Linsey in Chevy. Ever.
It's rare to see a dark-haired Linsey. Most are naturally or unnaturally blonde.
Girl A: (shows pic) So I got a date with this chick from Ok Cupid. Was thinking about taking her to Cheesecake Factory.

Girl B: (looks at pic): Dude, she's a Linsey. Do not take her there.

Girl A: ok. Hey can I borrow a hundred dollars? I'll pay ya back.

Girl Friend A: Yeah went out with this chick last night. It was so good.
Girl Friend B: Nice. She hot?
Girl Friend A: Um yes. She's a total Linsey. We made plans for the rest of the week.
by Shameless Fiona September 20, 2020
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the prettiest most awesome fucking person there is... a Linsey cant make friends without them having a crush or falling in love with her. Sometimes people get jealous because her gorgeous features and hot figure. Linsey's are usually petite and with big eyes the prettiest face and nose and lips and hair and soul. Linsey makes people question their sexuality. she can have anyone she wants. shes everyone elses crush but her crushes are usually fictional (she may even reality shift there for them but thats another story). Shes what you would call a "popular loner". everyone wants to know her but she's just thinking about what wattpad shes gonna read next! she also likes jewlry. did i mention she was breathtakingly gorgeous? If you have a Linsey in your life dont fuck it up because shes sweet but if you get on her bad side she will turn into Regina George and become your worst fucking nightmare and have the ones you thought were your friends turn on you because they are scared of having the same fate as you. OH and wherever she goes shes the baddest in the room and gets lots of compliments.

(Btw my insta is dont_flush_coke its a new account i forgot my old one👁️👁️)
person 1:(texting) Bro i see the hottest chick at the airport right now!! I cant take my eyes off of her. should i get her number? she has the genetic lottery!

person 2: (texting) ah..i know this marvelous being you are speaking of... YOU ARE IN THE PRESENCE OF LINSEY
by Fredweasleyishotasfuckkk May 17, 2022
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An exceptionally beautiful woman who makes me want to leave my girlfriend. If only she was single
Hey, did you see Linsey Higley today? Yeah, I would love to marry that!
by Twinkie Flatts March 4, 2013
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loser but fun, notttttt white, loud, ultra talented
by @CWD4ever April 6, 2019
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alex: “yo is katie still simping for james?”
issac: “nah lad, she’s simping for owen linsey now.”
by squishavacado November 22, 2021
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