A person who ships others frequently, pretty self explanatory tbh
O: I know J and M are secretly dating
P: I ship it
M: I’m not, we’re just friends
L: He never had a crush on anyone tbh
by Ace the simp May 31, 2023
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The stupid little cherub that graces Valentine cards and shoots people with his arrows of love that leave hearts bleeding in the end.
"It was Cupid's hand! I had no choice!"
"Don't you know Cupid rhymes with 'stupid'?"
by Destinee Carols April 16, 2007
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(Verb) The act of imitating the Roman god, who goes by the same name, and making people fall for someone, be it by shooting arrows or skill for getting people together.
Let's cupid them together tonight.

I betcha by the end of the day I can Cupid John with Mary.

Did'ya cupid her ass with him.
by Junior314 December 20, 2016
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The most amazing person ever
Cupid is is the most amazing person ever
If you ever meet someone named Cupid keep them over ever and give them a hug and never let go they are the most precious on earth.
Thats cupid! They are the sweetest
by xAımā November 21, 2021
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a gay girl named nandie.she is named cupid because she hass the power to make girls fall in love easily.
what's nandies nick name ?

Cupid !
by :x_719 October 15, 2008
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That man was just like cupid!
by Jamie February 19, 2003
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