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My name is Regina George
And I am a massive deal
Fear me, love me
Stand and stare at me
And these, these are real
I've got money and looks
I am, like, drunk with power
This whole school
Humps my leg like a chihuahua
I'm the prettiest poison you've ever seen
I never weigh more than one-fifteen
My name is Regina George
And I am a massive deal
I don't care who you are
I don't care how you feel
Regina George is the queen bee
She's always dressed up
She always wins Spring Fling Queen
We're just drones that work for her
And then die
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by Scorpio_trashpanda666 July 03, 2019
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Basically hooking up wit someone but you ain't tryna let no one know who it is. IF YOU LET PEOPLE KNOW IT AINT NO SNEAKY LINK 🧍 🧍 ♀️.
" My sneaky link REARRANGED me last night y'all don't even know 😫"

"I mean my sneaky link got a girl but he don't even think he straight 🧍 "

"Are you dumb why'd you think I'd tell you their name? Dumbass it's called sneaky link for a reason."
by Doja's simp April 09, 2021
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-Regina George is flawless-She has two Fendi purses and a silver Lexus-I hear her hair is insured for 10,000 dollars-I hear she does car commercials. In Japan-Her favorite movie is Varsity Blues-One time, she met John Stamos on a plane.And he told her she was pretty-One time she punched me in the face. It was awesome.
oh Regina George
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by garettwattsisamaing123 December 30, 2019
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A term to describe your best girlfriend who eventually becomes your best enemy because she may have seemed like your typical selfish, back-stabbing, slut-faced ho-bag. But in reality, she was so much more than that. Coined from the ever popular and accurate movie "Mean Girls."
Dude, why is Jenna dating Sharon's ex? I thought they were bff?
Oh she was a regina george.
Ah, of course.
by Jan OLeary October 28, 2007
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Regina George (from the hit movie 'Mean Girls') is a representation of high school girls at the very top of the social hierarchy. When being referred to as a β€˜Regina George’ (commonly a negative reference), it is highly likely you are being branded selfish, a slut, a back-stabber, a bitch, a conniving-whore, a manipulator, an officious Queen B and so on…
"that back-stabbing bitch totally thinks shes like Regina George! and yet i find myself submitting to her every command."

"Vince is the Regina George of Melbourne High"
by Taylor T March 25, 2008
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The meanest person you will ever meet, and also the prettiest person you will ever meet.
Girl 1: Did you see Regina George?
Girl 2: Ya, look at her she's throwing nerds in the dumpster.

Guy 1: Ooohh!! Check out Regina George!
Guy 2: She's a hottie! oh, check out that body, those hips!
Girl 1: Guys, she's so mean don't be interested in her. She's just going to stab you in the back.
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The high schools meanest bitch, biggest whore, and the biggest shit starter. Her looks distract everyone from the real demon inside. Most likely has a hot boyfriend ( probably a jock ) everyone is nice to her because they think if theyre nice, their name wont come out of her mouth but.. the only thing that comes out of her mouth other than names is literal cum
That Regina George talked shit about my boyfriend
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by qwainbaeyonce December 12, 2016
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