An angsty band popular among kids who shop at Hot Topic and have pent up anger. The most popular of their lyrics, "Craaaaaaaaawwwwwwling in my skiiiiiiin", is very popular among gaming messageboards, where people sub lyrics from other songs and lines from movies with that lyric.
Bob: Substitute a line from a movie or a lyric from another song with "Craaaaaaaaawwwwwwling in my skiiiiiiin".
Sam: Alright. Here's Napoleon Dynamite.
"Do the chickens have large talons Craaaaaaaaawwwwwwling in my skiiiiiiin?"
by SKS June 19, 2005
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A band that started off with my love and respect, but then lost it when i realised that they were just releasing re-done after re-done single and even re-done albums just to make cash! Honestly, how many times can you listen to one song be re-made? I was a huge fan of Linkin Park - i loved their lyrics - Chesters way of interpretating is amazing, and he is extremly talented - but enough of the re-releasing already - give us something fresh! And also - collaborating with Jay-Z, what were they thinking? The collaborationg with Marilyn Manson and such artists as him were the gold tracks - but Jay-Z - thats disappointing - another money maker!
Linkin Park - OK, now we have done the hard work of establishing this HUGE fan base - lets re-make all of our songs again and again to make some cash and that way we dont have to come up with anything original for a while!
Jay-z - Yo! I'll be in that. What a combination - people will buy this record - H-to-the-Izzo! money, money, money (he says rubbing his hands together)
by Was LP Fan September 10, 2005
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The death of all true rock bands, daring to take up the genre of "rock" on your ipod, the band that you'll never tell your black friend about, and one of the two reasons you will never let your sister on your computer. The band who's new album both you and your twelve year old sister downloaded illegally off lime-wire as-well as the only known musical connection between arabs and white poeple.
While walking the streets of San Francisco you might here the following conversation:
"Yo, dawg you hear that new beat hitting the streets man"
"Hey man all i got going on up here is my Linkin Park hits man its da shet"
*Loud gunfire ensues*
*If you can not tell this was written by a white boy*
by Harry the Potthead February 06, 2009
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An undeservingly popular rock/hip hop hybrid. Mostly popular amongst teenagers who are under the illusion that their music is edgy, hardcore, or even dangerous. Consists most notably of at least two DJs, a very bad rapper, and an almost worse singer.
Linkin Park is a rolla-coasta... While at first it may seem dangerous, it is actually very safe as long as you are over 48 inches tall.
by EBM June 04, 2005
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Band that i liked from 6th to 8th grade when i relized how annoying their screaming gets after awhile.
they wouldnt be so bad if they didnt scream so much.
Me in 6th grade, "Wow I love Linkin Park they are awesome."

Me now, "Wow Linkin Park sucks cock, their fuckin screaming is really annoying."
by Sexy Ben August 21, 2005
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A band that doesn't scream so much as annoy. In fact, they annoy so much that most of the general population would wish to kick them in the balls. A band with 6+ members is no longer a band, it's an army, and they are armed to split skulls with their awful noise.
by Guerillajoe May 18, 2005
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