An overprocessed, prepackaged, mass produced commercial soft rock/pop act that calls itself "rock" or "metal" because they happen to be very slightly, marginally heavier than other, nearly identical overprocessed, prepackaged, mass produced commercial soft rock/pop acts such as N'Sync.
Linkin Park is to music as McDonald's is to food
by d3d March 15, 2006
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1. Linkin Park, rather than being manly, are Little Girly Boys.

2. I prefer Linkin Park's music, it relates to my Little Girly Boy side.
by F-Dub October 17, 2008
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Alot like Rage Against the Machine, only a 1000 times more "no-talent" and 1000 times more "shitty."
Hey, if you want to look up facts about Linkin Park, go fucking look 'em up on Wikipedia instead of Urban Dictionary. That's a much more logical choice.

UD is just a way to expess opinion, you good for nothing dumbfuck. {Not you, the moron(s) bitching about opinions, facts, and wah wah wah...}
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The majority of the whining and screaming you hear on a Top 40 radio station. Some people call it "music" for some strange reason.
Pete: This is awful. What is it?

Jeremy: Think its new music from Linkin Park.

Pete: This is music?
by shmendrik May 26, 2010
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A Nu-Metal band that is extremely popular with Teens, mostly because their songs are so Angsty. They got 6 members in the band, everyone only knows the two vocalists. Mike Shinoda who raps, and Chester Bennington, who screams. There songs range from singing about sorrow and sorrow. They suck.
Linkin Park fans will give me a thumbs down.
by Mr. Zimpy February 1, 2010
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A popular and rather successful band, Linkin Park offers something for everyone, while keeping the same timbre (that's a musical term, look it up). Reanimation, Hybrid Theory, and Meteora (excluding track 12, Session) were very well done, whereas the latest installment (feat. Jay-Z) bombed like Hell.
Friend 1: Did you hear that new song from Linkin Park?
Friend 2: You mean the new/old remixed song with Jay-Z?
Friend 1: That's the one.
Friend 2: It totally blew!
Friend 3: Bwahahaha!
by Cyberopts September 12, 2005
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One of the best bands of 2000s. Extremely popular and influential. Known for being diverse and not sticking to one genre. All of their albums have their own unique style. Mostly described as alternative rock or nu-metal. Legends.
Person 1: Let's listen to some music. How about Linkin Park?
Person 2: Yes, they are awesome! Who doesn't love them?
by Brightsidetiff November 12, 2017
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