Hood3 got linked so hard today in clash royale. He's raging!
by Zyan Rhang July 7, 2021
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A: Yo are you free to link tonight?
B: Yeah let's link up.
by Liluzihurt January 15, 2017
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When a boy or girl is linking with one another it’s usually to get closer and is a sign that they might go out soon
Dave: did you hear that Sam and Eric are linking
Bob: yeah I totally ship them
by FADE_getclapped April 15, 2020
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This term is normally used, when a boy and girl are talking to each other a lot and its obvious that they are going to go out soon. This defination is normally used in the UK.
Girl 1: "i talk to adam all the time, i really like him.."

Girl2: " You two are soo linking!"
by coolcoolcoolextracool April 12, 2011
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Linking means the you are talking on a level but not dating.
Hey! Did you hear that Max and Zoe are linking...
by @dontxmax November 19, 2017
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When link is not saving Hyrule he is usually chilling with his ladies.
by Anonymous April 13, 2003
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