A general asian who finds enjoyment from annoyance, guns, cars and stealing item as a gag or pranks
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by Armay March 23, 2017
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someone who "lingers" around when you don't want them there.
Dude, youre such a ling! That cop was lingin! I'll find something else to do, i dont wanna ling.
by shmobbinnigga January 20, 2011
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Short for Zerg Zergling, a unit from Starcraft. It is a small, cheap, unit that is best if used in groups of 12 or more.
Lings are used to swarm an enemy base.
by Ruppy September 23, 2005
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to act drunk when you are not; trying to fit in with the crowd and make yourself look cool when really it makes you look like a huge loser; common occurence among designated drivers.
Person 1: "hey man, what are you drinkin tonight?"
Person 2: "nothin, i'm gonna ling it"
at party...
Person 3: "wow, that guy is real drunk!"
Person 1: "naw man, he hasn't drank anything tonight....he's linging"
Person 3: "ohh....dude you're such a linger!"
a year later....
Person 3: "dude, remember that time you lung??"
by SusieQ252 July 15, 2006
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Short for Zergling, usually used in the phrase "ling rush" which is an early attack with Zerglings in a game of starcraft.
The guy's ling rush killed the n00b in no time. (See n00b)
by Ick October 19, 2003
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An abbreviation of the word "feelings". It is most commonly used in chat sessions such as MSN or AIM.
That woman hurt my lings after breaking up with me.
by Bigmac January 02, 2005
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