Famous Italian violinist, more commonly its used as a cool way to say skilled musician.
That song's so sick, that dude is such a paganini.
by Erogs August 10, 2014
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Person that has lots of cash and basically wastes it (usually in useless stuff or overpriced items)

Other: A person that pays more money than they should because they can

A: Why dafuq did you buy this?

Paganini dude: cause I can
A: You already have one/You don't need it
Paganini dude: I don't give a fuck, in fact - I gave the seller 200$ more than the item is worth
A: WTF?!

Paganini dude: Hey, I bought this useless item for a crazy amount of money
A: I swear I'm going to fu##ing Ki#l you
by Mr. Alvatros February 28, 2019
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A boy who usually is usually happy but is dead on the inside. He really is not friends with any one but people think he is.
Look it’s a wild Jackson Paganini in his natural habitat the trash!
by Dr Fuck head April 2, 2018
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Stupid 😘
Omg did you hear see what Brianna Paganini posted?
No I usually just *tap* *tap* *tap*
by BashfulMoon September 11, 2020
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