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Language spoken in the Dutch and Belgian province of Limburg and some areas in Western Germany as well. Closely related to Dutch and German but recognised as a seperate by the European Union in 1997. Limburgs is also the only West-Germanic language that has a Tonal system.
English: Tim! look over there, it's Robert Loggia!

Dutch: Tim! kijk daar, het is Robbert Loggia!

limburgs: Tim! kiek dao, dao höbs se Robert Loggia!

German: Tim! kuck mal da, es ist Robert Loggia!
by Henk236 December 03, 2009
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The name of two provinces in Belgium and Holland, situated next to each other and being in quite good terms with each other.

Both Limburgs are often seen as a retarded part of the country, or a province in which only poor farmers live.

The Belgian Limburg is often called "het verre Limburg", or "the far Limburg" (as if it's situated 457 million miles away from the rest of Belgium, now look who's retarded!).

It's the best part of the country because the people are friendly, hospitable, ...

Belgian Limburg is also called 'fietsparadijs' (or bicycle paradise) because of the miles and miles of tarmac cycling-tracks (many are former railroads and situated in the woods) and it attracts many tourists who come here to ride the bycicle.
- "Where do you live?"
- "Limburg!"
by jormeidt April 26, 2007
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an extraordinarily cool person, even cooler than a Wunder.
Dude that kid is such a limburg, he can get any girl he wants.
by steve March 20, 2005
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Probally the biggest tool in the WORLD, and usually these "limburgs" are huge stoners.
Hey man, did you see that limburg the other day? Yeah i saw him, he was stoned outta his mind.
by The Lexicon March 20, 2005
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