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Loggia can be used in many ways, like if you have a boner you have a loggia it is prononced lousher and can be used as a noun verb or adjective
Courteney you just caught me with a lousher

It's salty when you open your mouth loggia fail
by Boogie and skatezillah September 15, 2009
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a loser old hasbeen actor who thinks very highly of himself.
from family guy:
r for robert loggia
o for oh my god its robert loggia
b for by god its robert loggia
e for egad its robert loggia
r for robert loggia
t for tim look over there its robert loggia
l for look its robert loggia
o for ohhhh its robert loggia
g for gee i think i see robert loggia
g for gosh that robert loggia is good lookin
i for i see a hunkalicious robert loggia
a for asshole, look its robert loggia
by jorge melonpants June 19, 2008
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An old television actor made famous to the internet community through a minute maid orange juice ad in 1999
i dunno, robert loggia?

WHOA, robert loggia!
by marshmaello September 13, 2007
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