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tha carter.
FIRST OFF, learn to spell THE , it's 3 letters for shit's sake.
wannabee rock star, worst lyrics mankind has ever witnessed. No talent, absolute garbage, for some reason people like him, very popular, "artist", for lack of a better word.

Worst thing that has ever happened to music, absolutley revolutling, gag worthy, pukefest, atrious mess. People that have no taste in music like him, and absolute embarssament to music, and to rap. He wouldnt make it past the auditions on American Idol, he wouldnt make it to the judges.

Absolutley repulsive.

& yes, i am white.
" "Lil Wayne,"'s cd went platinum"
" i dont know man, i'm loosing faith in music"
" me too, and people".
by raaay.123 March 09, 2010
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