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When people just bull shit nonsense. Lies and distortions coming out of people's mouths. See the imagery?
The democrats and republicans were talking. It seemed like one big pukefest.
by Susan in Florida January 28, 2009
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noun. A special occasion, whereupon, highschool students (esp. Sydney Boys High, participate in one huge rally of fun, entertainment, sexual antics, crazy stunts and excessive vomiting.
The event takes place for almost 1000km, the venues being Centennial Park-Fox Studios-Bondi Beach-Oxford Street-City-Chinatown-School (CFBOCCS)
Steve: Dude, wanna go to th beach this afternoon?
Dave: No way man, I heard the Pukefest boys were coming that way
Steve: Let's go with them
Dave:Um... i have to go...wash my hair
Steve:You're a total pussy Dave
by SBHS Dude May 13, 2007
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The greatest party of all time, or any good time spend with friends- doing stupid shit and puking everywhere.
Jimmy: Hey dude, exams are over, what do you say to a little pukefest?

Timmy: SWEET! *BARF*
by Tommy_1_2_3_4 May 13, 2007
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Refers to something obscenely obsequious or pretentious, as in something done to suck up to or show off for someone, especially to the detriment (and at least annoyance) of others. Usually an exclaimation used to sum up one's feelings about a series of events or an experience as a whole.
(Jenny) Can you believe the way Lisa goes up to the professor every day after class to fawn over him?
(Laura) I know, it's disgusting. Pukefest!
by Kitta September 12, 2004
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When horny, immature and sexually aroused teenage males attemp to go on a week-long party to celebrate, and let off some steam the conclusion of exams. This party may include anything destructive, obscene and of course, the expultion of emesis, coloquially known as "Puke".

The irony of "Pukefest" is that, although the common misconception is "puking" is actively promoted prior to the occasion, the act itself has been discouraged during the course of the event.
Danny " Hey, guess what"
jimmy " What"
Danny " 2 more weeks til Pukefest"
Jimmy " What's Pukefest?"
Danny " The Greatest Party Ever!!!"
Jimmy " SWEET"
by Rowdy Dowdy June 27, 2007
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