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(verb) for guys to wear extremely tight skinny jeans and sag them way below cheek (butt cheek) in the style of Dwayne Michael Carter Jr otherwise known as Lil Wayne
Tyler couldnt find any other pants so he is lil-wayning a pair of his little sisters size zero american eagle jeans
by scruffy nerd herder May 17, 2010
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auto-tuning the poop out of a song so that it sounds like lil wayne.
Pat: He just lil wayned in that song.
Rob: Whats that?
Pat: lil wayning? Its some sweet auto-tuning man.
by robbyrob89 November 19, 2011
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When one heavy hands a liquid such as alcohol or cough syrup while pouring themselves a serving.
Rebecca has been seen lil wayning her rum and cokes after a long day.
by PotstickerLicker September 15, 2017
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