Something girls say when they walk into a guys apartment/dorm.
(Girl walks into apt): Smells like boy in here.
Guy: ignores statement (A rebuttal isn't worth wasting on this awkward statement because it's obvious a group of men do live there, and it does smell as men do)
by The other Boy August 22, 2006
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The perfect way to make your friends feel suicidal. This also may be used as a perfect comeback to use when losing in a roast session. Be careful though as this will impact the other person for a life time
Person 1: Why do you have to be so annoying all the time?
Person 2: Shut up Shane you like boys.
*Shane Dies*
Victory Royale
by white.devil.ftw November 7, 2019
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1. a term used by african reptile agents on death row in asia. 2.can used to describe sweaty paperboys
i like boy, toy, and lots of joy!!!
by Ken Olly November 9, 2003
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Refers to a male's bedroom or a room inhabited by males. Testosterone, sweat, farts, and cum have given the room that dank scent reminiscent of the cage your stinking male mouse lives in.
Last night Jim was hanging with his boys playing Smash Bros til 4am then they put on some porn and had a circlejerk. Now it smells like boy mouse in here.
by Human Pickled Punk May 7, 2016
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What you say to somebody when they don’t have AirPods and you do.
Wyatt:”Nate it smells like broke boy.”
Nate:”hey not everybody can afford air pods.”
by Meme lord Nate January 11, 2019
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Something that Simps say in order to gain the trust of a female.
Come on Jane, I’m not like other boys.
by Heyitsj000 November 11, 2020
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