The men's faithful companion. Testosteron or C19H28O2, as known by nerds and such, is the good friend you make in school, you meet him in 9th grade and you get along with him well. Highschool he is in your class so hes always with you and more than 75% of the times you do something "wrong" he has definetely something to do with it, the boy's best friend, from then on he's a friend for life and it will constantly be with you until he dies (andropause).
You can blaim him everytime a girl calls you pervert but the fault will always end up being yours.
Basically he drives the car but oficially you crash it.
Great summer day on mall you can't resist and grab that juicy ass, "You pervert!", "Geez sorry its the testosterone". *SLAP*
by the guy next door. January 22, 2009
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An anabolic hormone produced by the testes of males. It can also be obtained through aromatization of estradiol (estrogen) and synthetic forms are frequently attached to esters and injected by bodybuilders to increase hypertrophy many times over.
See: fina, trenbolone, juice, juicer, steroids, anabolic steroids, m1t, methyl1test, 1test, 1testosterone, roids, gear, dianabol, clenbuterol, clen, winstrol, winny, synovex, sustanon, proviron, mesterolone, nolvadex, clomid, eq, equipoise, anavar.
by Dabuek August 12, 2004
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The male sex hormone, (C19H28O2), screted by the testes, that stimulates the devolpment of the male sex organs as well as the male sex drive.
I'm a 16-year old male, and the testosterone is pretty much flooding my brain.
by iRishRepublicanaRmy January 02, 2004
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The chemical that turns sweet, kind boys into angry sex-crazed men.
Tom used to be so nice, then his testosterone kicked in and now he's a total douche.
by Miako_x September 27, 2009
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Something lesbian bitches talk about to make them feel more intelligent then men.
Even though they personally know nothing about it.
Lesbian bitch: You're just acting that way because you are young and dumb and full of testosterone!

Intelligent man: Shut the fuck up you ugly cunt!!!
by G-sus January 28, 2005
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Something you oviosely have a lot of in your body if your reading and posting on the Urban Dictionary
"He has a lot of testosterone because he has not beat the snake lately"
by Communist Teddybears April 25, 2015
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