Any duo of girls (they usually come in pairs) that say "Like" almost every other word. No matter what the conversation or context, or who they're talking to. Most often found together at school or elsewhere, they can't seem to kick this annoying habit of theirs. They are most often just friends and usually aren't, but can be, literal sisters.
The Like Sisters over there can't go two words without saying "Like"!
by TheFiend138 April 18, 2017
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What a guy calls you when he likes you and doesn't want you to know or doesn't want to date and ruin your friendship.
Your just like a sister to me.
by FantasticC March 24, 2016
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A phrase of exclamation used by dizzy teenage girls, fruity teenage boys or americans.
Like hello sister! That is like so uncool!
by Tom May 2, 2003
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Used in speech when talking to some ugly girl, but their sister is hawt. Only use this when the ugly girl is making advances on you.
by AdolfHitler'sBastardSon May 10, 2016
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"Treating your girlfriend like your sister" When one treats his girlfriend as he would treat his sister with care and respect!
by Monstercock January 7, 2021
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