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The hottest girl on earth..most probably. Plus, she has brains which is not an easy thing to find. You are a lucky man if you happen to know her.
Liis got a parking ticket, there's fine written all over her!
by Liiiiiiiiiiiiiis December 19, 2011
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abbreviation for Laughing In the Inside. Because not everything deserves a lol.
You:Why did the chicken cross the road?


You:To get to the other side.

by MaggotSWR November 19, 2008
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From the quote: "The moment lasts longer when you live in it".

A: I slayed it last night
B: lII bay

Lower case L= live
Upper case I = in
Upper case I = it
via giphy
by Leighboy March 06, 2018
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